Branding & Web Design Services

A brand is so much more than just a logo or website. A brand is the essence of your business, a first impression to capture attention, a story to tell of who you are. We want to make sure your brand truly stands out and makes the right first impression. 

Don’t believe us that branding is important? Imagine a Starbucks cup without the logo or a Nike shoe missing the famous check? Branding is the handshake of your business. It’s the vital moment where a customer decides to explore more or that you aren’t a fit. You don’t want to be losing customers from your great product or service because your brand didn’t fit.

We have developed packages for both small business and political candidates who are just getting started to make sure they have a full brand to get started, not just a logo. We also have a-la-carte branding & re-branding, web design, headshot, and branding photography packages for businesses who are already established but need a modern refresh.

For all of our branding packages and a-la-carte services, we start with an extensive questionnaire to make sure we truly understand your brand. We would love to make sure your brand truly comes together and stands out from your competition. No more missing out on ideal clients because your branding or website does not fit your brand, let’s make sure your brand’s story is told. 

Have Some Questions?

If you were an expert about branding & web-design, you probably wouldn’t be here right now. So here are some common questions you might be having about the process. Have another question?

Branding FAQ

How does the process work?

We send you an in-depth questionnaire to get to know your brand and vision. If you already have a Pinterest board or any inspiration we gather that. Then we get started on a mood board after doing our research. We send that mood board to make sure we are on the same page and then we get started on the design after approval. 

How long does branding take?

After we get the approval of the mood board, generally we have the initial design within 4 weeks. Final delivery depends on the basic revision round.

What is the difference between branding & a logo?

A brand is a foundation of who you are as a business. The logo is simply the visual trademark of your brand. A brand goes through every part of your business. From your colors to your fonts to your website, a brand is in every part of it to make sure your customers know who you are. It also provides a consistent image and voice to make sure your customers know who you are. 

Do I have to be local to work with you?

Absolutely not! We love working with anyone, anywhere. We have made all of our systems simple & online to make it easy to work together. Every part of the process can be done digitally. We know you are busy! 

I know exactly what I want my logo to look like already? Can you just design it?

Sorry, we probably wouldn’t be the best fit. However, if you have some ideas but still want some branding guidelines we would love to talk. Branding is much more in depth than just graphic design, and we prefer to tackle the whole process with our clients. If you already know exactly what you want, a graphic designer might be better! 

Do you offer other design services?

For our branding clients, we offer do offer business card ad-ons, along with other graphic design services. However, we do not offer these a-la-carte. We believe it’s best to work with your brand designer as they have the truest grasp of your brand. 

Who owns the brand? How can I use it?

You will be able to use the brand commercially as you wish. You can use it for future designs with us or others, in advertising, social media, your website as you wish. We will retain the right to use it in our portfolio. 

Web Design FAQ

What doe the process look like?

We first send a questionnaire to get to know your brand (if we didn’t do the branding). After we have explored your brand, we will direct you on the content we will need for the website. After you send the content & we do the branding photography/videography (if applicable) we will get you added to our design queue. 

How long does web design take?

After we have received all your content to get started we usually have an initial design within 4 weeks for landing page websites, for larger websites it can take up to 8 weeks. Final delivery depends on the basic revision round.

Will my website work on mobile devices?

Yes, definitely! Did you know that 74% of users are more likely to return to a mobile-friendly website? We did! So we believe it’s very important to make sure your website works on every device.

Do you offer hosting? Domain Registration? Email?

Yes, we do include 1 year of web hosting & 1 domain registration with our full packages and as an add-on to our a-la-carte packages. Our hosting includes daily backups so no worries about your site disappearing and we also include monthly updates on your WordPress, theme, & any plugins you have installed to make sure you are working properly.

We believe the best email is G-Suite and it’s what we use for our email. You get Google Drive & Google Docs included with it, so it has a lot of benefits. We can help get you set up with it & it functions just like Gmail so it’s super easy to use! 

Can I add updates to the website once it's done?

We design on a visual platform so if you are familiar with WordPress, you will definitely be able to make minor changes. If you aren’t or need something more complex? We can make updates on an hourly rate! 

I need to sell products online, is that something you can design?

Yes! We build our e-commerce websites on Shopify or Squarespace to make sure you can easily manage and add products in the future. 

Do I need to provide the content?

Once you book we will send over a questionnaire to get started and then let you know the content we need. All copy will need to be provided by you, for photo & video content – you can either provide content, we can source Stock content, or you can book a branding content creation, which we include with our started packages.

Who owns the website when it's finished? Can I move hosts?

You will be able to use the website as you wish, as well as make changes! You are welcome to move hosts if you wish, however, if you do we will no longer be making sure the WordPress, theme, & plugins are updated, there will no more backups, and we will not be able to provide support further. We will retain the right to use it in our portfolio.