What Can GarlandBurks Do?

We believe at GarlandBurks Marketing, that your brand’s story is the cornerstone of your marketing. Whether it’s your initial branding or your current advertising. We love focusing on the creative side of the marketing spectrum to help tell you to tell that story.

Since we stay boutique and only take on a certain number of clients, we can provide a personal touch to your marketing. We don’t want to toss around fancy marketing words, leaving you in the dark about what is going on. Your brand succeeds best when we are all working together. We want to truly help your ideal customers find who your brand truly is & for them to eventually become loyal brand advocates.

Your biggest ROI in the modern marketing world is making sure your ideal clients are aware of your brand, engage with your brand often, and then spread your brand throughout their circle. Want to learn more? Explore all of our services below.

Branding & Web Design

We offer small business starter packages, political starter packages, a-la-carte branding & web design packages.

Content Creation

Whether you need monthly photo & video content for your brand or you need a one-time promo, we can help you tell your story.

Social Media

We believe social media is the best way to tell your brand’s story, raise brand awareness, and connect with your customers. Let us help you!