United Way of Gaston County


graphic design, photography, public relations, social media, web design

United Way of Gaston County needed a new website and photography content creation for it. They needed a modernized look, that was mobile friendly to allow for donations through text and mobile phones. They also needed a social media boost to raise their brand awareness, especially with a generation of younger adults that had not reached before. We provided graphic design and daily social media management to assist in this endeavor. During the COVID-19 crisis, we helped create the Help Gaston website to provide a centralized donation platform to assist Gaston County during the pandemic. Over $500,000+ was raised in this effort. We assisted in social media advertising, press releases, and social media event management to assist in both this and the “We Got You Covered Days” sponsored by Vallen, USA. We also helped coordinate two volunteer fundraising endeavors from local photographer Ashley Manley which raised over $4000+ for the Gaston County Virus Relief Fund and from local business Pickleweeds Press who made t-shirts to benefit the Gaston County Virus Relief Fund. We also designed a modernized logo for Christmas Wishes, virtual Jingle Bell Gents, and assisted in their CANpaign fundraiser that raised a (literal) TON of food.

See the website live

See the help gaston website 


During first 6 months of social media boost:

Total Impressions: 300,000+ (280% growth)
Total engagements: 19,000+ (350% growth)
Total followers gained: 600+ (300% growth)