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Web Design, Public Relations

This was a volunteer project we took on at the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown. Gaston County needed a concise way for residents to find out new hours, new policies, etc. from their local businesses. We collected as many businesses and services as we could during the next few months and updated their listings with their new curbside or take-out services, their new hours, and the ability to purchase gift cards online (if applicable). We retired the site in November of 2020 after most local businesses had gone back to semi-normal operation and many of the listings were outdated. The Gaston Outside campaign teamed up to help promote weekly challenges to keep our local businesses alive. Both the Gaston Regional Chamber and The Montcross Chamber teamed up to help collect business information and promote the initiative. Also, a local business Pickleweeds Press created t-shirts to help raise money for the Gaston County Virus Relief Fund.

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