Sleepy Poet Charlotte


photography, public relations, social media, videography

Sleepy Poet Charlotte is a vintage and antique store in Charlotte, NC. We have been working with them to grow their social media followings and brand awareness in their store. We create photography content, videography content, and provide daily management of their Facebook and Instagram. During the first 12 months we were able to grow their social media following to 10k+ followers. In 2021, they purchased a permanent location on South Boulevard. We coordinate all press and media relations and were able to land spots on all major media during this time. 


During first 12 months of social media boost:

Total Impressions: 2,800,000+ (96% increase)
Total engagements: 95,000+ (66% increase)
Total followers gained: 5,000+ gain (45% increase)

PR Results

We coordinated all PR and media relations for the announcement of the move to a permanent location. Here are the media results: