Camelot Meadows


photography, public relations, social media, videography

Camelot Meadows is an event venue hoping to open in Belmont, NC. They have been having an issue with reasonable access to be able to open their venue. They hired us to help raise awareness of the issues they were having to hope to have a resolution to open. We first provided a video mini-documentary with various public figures to help explain the issues. After the video was completed we help with various social media advertising for the video promotion. We provided public relations and press releases to raise awareness. After the video release was finished we helped promote both their “Hot Hole Concert Series” and Photographer Open House to allow people to enjoy their venue before it is completed. We also provided photography content creation for all of these ventures. 

From the Client

I was fortunate enough to be referred to GarlandBurks Marketing by a colleague, who was very impressed with them.  I can see why!  I have hired Heather and Walter for numerous projects.  They are professional, bright, innovative, and produce a first class product for their client.  I find them very easy and flexible to work with, and knowledgeable about many different aspects of marketing.

Deborah Baxa


Content Creation

Gaston Gazette Article for Concert