Meet Walter Burks

Hi, I’m Walter Burks, one of the GarlandBurks Marketing co-owners. Here is your chance to get to know me a little bit more! Our owners have lots of things in common like their love of travel (they have been to all 50 states together, and 14 countries together), their love of strategy board games, and their love of trying new craft beer. However, we are different in a lot of ways that complement each other too.


I am a graduate of East Carolina University, as well as Heather. However I have a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Business Administration. I was accepted into the Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science. I have a huge passion for politics, the community, and marketing. I also loved going to ECU, so much that now most of my siblings have as well. One of my fun marketing + political science memories was when I ran for Class President and Heather ran for Business Senator. We were just sophomores at the time and our university was over 30,000 people. We had made some connections but not near as many as our opponents. We worked hard utilizing social media marketing and all of our skills. We both managed to both pull off a win even though we were the underdogs in the race. You might think college politics is simple, it’s not. There were endorsements from upper political officials to my opponents even, but it was a good prep for the world of politics. Our photography career took off the next year, so we weren’t able to continue on but it was a wonderful prep for our career.

Getting Started

My love for politics and community involvement started at a very young age, during high school my internship was with the Mayor of Gastonia. She taught me so many skills in management, marketing, and public relations during this time. It was a wonderful time to intern as it was during the initial launch of the rebuilding of Gastonia, especially downtown. Because of this, my love of community involvement and community marketing was really sparked and has remained to this day. It’s one of my biggest passions. I was also the President of the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council which gave me the relationships to be the campaign manager of the current Mayor of Gastonia’s campaign in 2017. This campaign sparked our love of marketing again, and though we loved getting to be destination wedding photographers for 13 years, we were ready to learn what a weekend was again. From 2017 to the launch of our agency in 2019, we were involved in numerous community marketing campaigns throughout Gaston County and we knew it was time to launch GarlandBurks Marketing to be able to do this full time.

Walter’s Role in the Agency

Like we said in the post about Heather, from working together for 13 years, we know we need to focus on our strengths that complement each other so well. In GarlandBurks Marketing you will find me mostly on the analytical and content creation side. My main focuses are on ad creation and management, analytics, and I typically do most of the videography and photography while on content creation. I am the more shy one of the two of us, so if I don’t speak as much as Heather, that’s why. If you book us for political marketing, I’ll be your guy! Politics has been a passion of mine in life even from a young age. The first election I remember was the Bush v. Gore election in 2000. I stayed up all night watching TV and listening to the radio to try and find out who won, unfortunately, we wouldn’t find out for a while. One of my favorite things to do still is following all kinds of political elections. You will find me following the polling data and all the political news during election times. This love translates into our political marketing. I use everything I learn by studying elections every year, to come up with new and innovative political marketing strategies.

Fun Facts About Walter

Some fun facts about Walter to get to know him better:

  • Favorite beer: Olde Mecklenburg Captain Jack Pilsner and Boulevard Brewing Company Pilsner
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Past Time: Charlotte Sports! We both love sports, but I am the bigger fan for sure. My room growing up was fully Panthers themed and I still have a Panthers room
  • Favorite Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max, I’m glad Heather finally switched back to Apple, for now at least
  • Favorite TV Show: Veep
  • Favorite Genre: Comedy
  • Favorite Music: Hip Hop
  • Highschool Superlative: Most Likely to Succeed
  • Favorite Restaurant: Bojangles
  • Favorite App: Twitter and Facebook
  • Favorite Board Game: Pandemic
  • One strange hobby: The weather, I love keeping up with the weather and am always checking Radarscope (I’m a huge @wxbrad fan! Follow him if you live in the Charlotte area!)
  • Fun fact: I lived in England for 6 months and went to middle school while over there. My whole family parents + 3 siblings moved over!

Thanks for taking the chance to get to know me a little bit more! I hope this gives you a little bit more insight into who I am outside of just being one of the agency owners.