Meet Heather Burks

Hi, I’m Heather Burks, one of GarlandBurks Marketing co-owners. I wanted to take a second to introduce myself to everyone and let you get to know me a little bit more. Our owners have lots of things in common like their love of travel (they have been to all 50 states together, and 14 countries together), their love of strategy board games, and their love of trying new craft beer. However, we are also very different in a lot of ways that help us complement each other.


I am a graduate of East Carolina University with a B.S. in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. A full scholarship was given to me from the university and I was selected as 1 of 13 people to receive the EC Scholar Award. Nerd Alert: I also graduated Magna Cum Laude with University Honors. Being a Pirate was the best and I wouldn’t choose another school. Fun fact, I started out as a double major: Photography and Marketing. After one semester and way too many hours in the art lab I decided to just do Marketing. The photography & design major was way too focused on art and figure drawing for me. I like to do all my art on the computer. No worries, I redeemed myself in the art during my study abroad. I did an independent study with the web and graphic design department. Walter and I went to Honduras for two weeks to do content creation for a medical mission. Our job was to take new videos and photos for them to use for marketing. The final grade for the class was to make a “mock website”. My professor saw our current business website I had designed in my emails and told me I was already past the class skill level and gave me 100!

Getting Started

My passions have always included marketing and photography even from a young age. My first jobs were to intern at the Gaston Gazette newspaper as a photography intern and at the Schiele Museum of Natural History as a marketing intern. Both were wonderful experiences and I originally thought maybe photojournalism was where I wanted my career to go. That’s why my photography style takes a very photojournalistic approach. It wasn’t in the end, but I got to cover a lot of excitement assignments, including getting to photograph a Carolina Panthers game at one point.

Heather’s Role in the Agency

We’ve learned by working together for over 13 years we both have our strengths that help us to complement each other. In GarlandBurks Marketing you will find me mostly on the creative side. I primarily focus on photo editing, video editing, branding, and web design. I’m very left & right brained so I love mixing creative ideas with techy approaches. You will also primarily talk to me when you are discussing things, I’m definitely the more talkative and outgoing of the two of us. Planning is definitely an obsession of mine, so I tend to be the one planning out the content calendars too. I can have a list for a list. I love planning! So if you book us for branding or web design I’m your go-to gal! I designed my first website somewhere under 8 years old. I asked for Photoshop for my birthday that year to improve my websites. It was definitely an odd request for someone my age. I loved designing though. I then enlisted my parent’s help in creating a Paypal a few years later so I could start my own reseller hosting. The websites had very little point back then, but needless to say, I had the best AIM signature URL by middle school. Maybe that’s how I scored Walter.

Fun Facts About Heather

Some fun facts about Heather to get to know her better:

  • Favorite beer: Catawba White Zombie & Olde Mecklenburg 704
  • Favorite holiday: Halloween
  • Favorite Color: Purple but if it’s clothing related black!
  • Favorite Clothing: Graphic T-shirts, the nerdier the better
  • Favorite Device: Right now her Macbook Pro, but don’t be fooled I hold no Apple loyalty, I’ve had as many Androids & PC as Apple products. This is much to Walter’s dismay as he prefers Apple.
  • Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who
  • Favorite Genre: Horror
  • Favorite Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas, followed closely by Beauty & the Beast
  • Highschool Superlative: Most School Spirited, I will dress up for any occasion, the crazier the better!
  • Favorite Food: Tacos & Queso, especially from Torchy’s Tacos in Texas
  • Favorite Flower: Sunflower
  • Favorite App: TickTick (my to-do app)
  • Favorite Board Game: Mansions of Mansion
  • One strange thing I hate: Seafood, I hate the texture!
  • Fun fact: I’m an only child and I never wanted a sibling, my parents had me in their 40s

Thanks for taking the chance to get to know me a little bit more! I hope this gives you a little bit more insight into who I am outside of just being one of the agency owners.