This COVID-19 epidemic has put a big strain on small local businesses, which are the heart of most of our communities. Most states have a Stay at Home order currently which means many businesses have temporarily had to close their doors or had to come up with a new way to get business through carryout or delivery. We wanted to share today one way customers can still support you during these trying times that only takes a few minutes to set up: Buying Online Gift Cards

Why should you do online Gift Cards?

It only takes a few minutes to set up & it’s a great way for customers wanting to support you that are staying at home to still have a way to support. It’s also something great to keep on your business after this epidemic is over. It’s an easy way for people to buy presents for friends, for Christmas, to surprise their significant other. It’s extra money in your pocket & more loyal customers.

How do you set up online Gift Cards?

There are two ways to set up online gift cards: 1. If you already have an online store presence just add a way for people to purchase gift cards through there & mail them to them. Talk to your web developer for ways to get this started. 2. If you do not already have one set up or are looking for an all-digital option, Square has a wonderful option you can use for free! If you want to do this option keep reading.

How to set up Square E-Gift Cards

1. If you already have a Square account to process your payments, log in first then skip to STEP 8. If not, you will need to create an account, we will tell you how in the following steps!

2. Go to this link to get started:

3. Fill out your contact information & then continue

4. Select “Quick setup of remote and online features” and continue

5. Fill in your business name & business type

6. Select Sell Gift Cards on the next page, select any other options you might be interested in as well, for this, we are just focusing on Gift Cards

7. You will need to put in your personal information & then your business bank account information for deposits

8. Click Setup & Sell Gift Cards and it will redirect you to the Gift Card Terminal. If you already are signed up with Square, login & go to this URL

9. It will allow you to configure designs, just go ahead & select continue here

10. Add in your gift card amounts & the minimum and maximum amount you are selling, then click Finish

11. It will give you an E-Gift Card URL now, get that shared on your website, social media, email lists, etc. You can use these templates from Facebook to get started: Social Media Templates

We hope this helps some of our local small business to have a new creative way to bring some income in! Encourage your customers to buy these in and use them throughout the year once we are operating normally again. Stay safe everyone!